Hi, my name is Stachel. I decided to start this blog shortly after graduating from college. Like many others, my first few weeks after graduation were confusing and not the easiest. Full of mixed emotions like excitement, accomplishment, fear, and anxiety — just to name a few. Along with not knowing what to do with myself, I found that the only way to deal with these feelings was to write about them and in doing so I began to realize that I was better able to explain myself with pen and paper (or in this case digital ink or coding on a computer). 


Candidly Stachel is intended to be an outlet for me to express myself and share my thoughts and emotions with others (TBH, probably just a few friends and family that bother to read this).  But in doing so I hope to develop a stronger voice for myself. 


Let this blog be a place of honesty, mistakes, imperfections and raw emotion to showcase the true and not so easy journey of self discovery.  Finding oneself is never easy, it is never fully complete and it is never done completely alone. I hope to showcase that here and take you all on that journey with me. 


Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy what you encounter here.




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